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Client Testimonials

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
It was my brother's pre-wedding photoshoot! And the experience was
beautiful! The sets are extremely unique, and not the usual clichè!
From the pretty fairy lights set to the ancient khandar it was mast
hatke jhatke! The ideas were different and so creative! And the end
result was amazing!

— Pooja Phulgirkar

Tilll date the best location I've been to, we had researched a lot of
nature oriented sets and they provided a range of unique sets. Went
for my sisters pre wedding shoot, they have landscaped vistas and they
have a variety of props to match the sets. We had booked an overnight
stay for our family and photographers, so the arrangement provided was
pre-eminent as well as they provided the best authentic Maharashtrian

— Saurabh Kharshikar


Akshay and I went for our Pre-wedding shoot in 2nd week of December.

- We felt that the sets were unique and well curated.

- There are a lot of sets, one possibly can’t cover all of them in 1
shoot, which is good cause you will then have unique photographs
different from other couples.

- We also had a friend tag along with us so she could help me dress
up. They are fine with additional people as well.

- I would highly suggest that please do leave in advance on the day of
the shoot. It’s 75km from Kothrud.
We were late reached by 1 PM.
(PuneDusk - If possible please do add some signs to indicate
destination. There is only one empty bamboo board, one might not have
range to contact in case they get lost, directions would be helpful).

- We ate good Maharashtrian food, it was well prepared. We were super
hungry by the time we finished and reached home by 10PM, so carry
something to eat, you’ll need it when the shoot ends.

- Coming to Photography, simply put, when you look at the photos later
you will be blowen away. The team is talented in terms of just the
right camera settings they use, the perfect frames they capture in
those moments and they do a great job of suggesting poses, making you
laugh. The props you see in the photos are also curated by them as
they see fit in a scene.

I would give a solid 5/5 considering the price, quality photography,
well curated sets and the place.



— Aishwarya Barve

Very beautiful location for pre wedding with nature related theme
sets, evening sets are very awesome its full of lights at evening to
shoot photos (perfect time at evening)

— Punit Hirlekar

Choosing to work with
Puneduskphptography was one of the best decision I have ever made..Their work is incredible and sets by punedusk are just outstanding.They really do go above and beyond to meet your expectations. It’s refreshing to find such a passionate team that really understand what you are after.If you’re looking for a pre-wedding photoshoot location then there is no better place than the sets by punedusk located at Bhor…Perfectly planned and well maintained sets with unique ideas…each and every set is uniques in its own way…I Highly recommend Puneduskphptography…we got our engagement & prewedding shoots done by team punedusk.Looking forward to the next event !!
Thank you so much guys for making our day special
Lots of love✨

Beautiful and unique sets as close to nature as possible! Especially their valley view deck.They have variety of props to match the sets. The staff was very supportive.
Vinay and Sagar, Pune Dusk's Photographers, are very professional and they came prepared for our shoot.And the end result was amazing!❤️

The sets were quite unique and fresh and at an amazing location and at
affordable price, had a great experience with shoot , the staff were
very humble and attentive towards clients, overall had an amazing

— Shefali Panchal

I am a makeup artist by profession,hence I have visited many pre
wedding destinations....and all the sets had similarities and were
clichéd.....sets by pune dusk stands out in not having anything in
common with other destinations.....the sets are boho inspired,nature
oriented and do not seem fake!

— Nisha Karambelkar

I had a great experience with Sets By Pune dusk during my pre-wedding shoot. I loved the results. I also appreciate their professionalism and the service they provide before and after the shoot, right from helping you with your wardrobe till sharing the final edited pics, every was on time and prompt. Thanks guys!

Best place to visit , and great marathi traditional food with good
ambience..... U can plan here baby shoot, maternity shoot , preshoot,
birthday party , anniversary shoot , any celebration, etc....

— Vinay Solanki

The sets are beautiful but that goes without saying!!
What needs to be mentioned here is that quality of service that they
provide you with is fantastic. They are ready to go out of their way
to make sure that your photoshoot moves smoothly! And it the service
that makes the shoot worthwhile and a lot easier for the photographer.

— Sadhana Lohokare

Beautiful nature inspired sets and the landscapes around.
We were there for a day for my daughter's pre wedding shoot, food is excellent, staff is very cooperative.

If you are looking for luxury this is not for you but if you are looking for peace and untouched natural beauty then this is a must visit place for you .

Sunset from their Infinity set is mesmerizing.

Thank you for the great service and pure oxygen!!

— Hemant

We have recently visited Sets By Pune Dusk on 4th November,2022 for Pre-Wedding Shoot.
It was superb experience at the sets with all of them being intact and were as per shown on the website and catalogues.
The staff is cooperative and always at your service for hospitality.
Food Quality is also excellent amidst the nature and its gives great experience for the pre-wedding hunters.
Anyone who is looking for Pre-Wedding Shoot in the lapse of nature along with the touch of Sets, this is undoubtedly a perfect place for all.

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